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Check out Media Star’s new website:

Computer Services

  • Setup, Diagnostic, Software, Networking and Repair
  • Backup Plans, Risk Assessment, Security and MultiMedia Strategies
  • IT Support, Help Desk, Onsite and Remote Services
  • Mobile Devices; iOS, Android & Blackberry: Apps & Synching
  • Video: Edit Movies, Web Clips & YouTube
  • Photos: iPhoto, Photo Books, Digital Organization & Secure Web Sharing
  • Audio: iTunes Music Integration, Bose & Sonos
  • Learn how to make your own videos, photo journals, presentations, documents, web or learn how to maintain your own computer.
  • Training in over 100 programs!

Home Automation

  • A Safety & Security
  • Home Theatre & Audio Systems
  • Heating, Cooling & Lighting


Ricky Cortez
Media Star, LLC

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